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Universal 44-pin LQFP to 40-pin DIP Adapter Board

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Universal 44-pin LQFP to 40-pin DIP Adapter Board
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The Universal 44-pin LQFP to 40-pin DIP Adapter Board is a low-cost universal 44-pin Adapter Board. This universal PCB Board interfaces from a standard 44-pin LQFP device to any standard 40-pin 0.1" header. The LQFP pads are broken out and labeled for easy identification and subsequent connection to the 40-pin DIP headers. An additional row of identical connections of the 40-pin headers is provided for ease of connecting to LQFP pad connections. Four supplementary component pads are provided for ease of use to add further components, if required by the user.

The LQFP pad numbering follows from the pad #1 marking. LQFP Pad connections are labeled at headers J2, P3, P4, and J4. The identical 40-pin header connections P1 and P2 for the 40-pin DIP header are provided for ease of wiring a connection to the LQFP header connections. The NC label in the J2 and J4 headers indicates that the particular connector is Not Connect.

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