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ZMOTION AC Load Controller Design Module

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ZMOTION AC Load Controller Design Module
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Zilog’s ZMOTION AC Load Controller Module demonstrates how to use Zilog’s ZMOTION MCU in a passive infrared-based motion detector to control power to an AC load in applications such as lighting and HVAC systems. The design uses the 8-pin Z8FS040 MCU to intelligently control a mechanical relay, and provides user adjustments for motion sensitivity, delay time, and ambient light level.

This reference design consists of a single PCB that connects directly to an AC line and controls power to an AC load via a relay. However, to test different lens combinations, or to perform in-circuit programming, consider the ZMOTION AC Load Controller Kit, which includes this PCB plus a USB SmartCable and a selection of lenses.

This ZMOTION AC Load Controller Module features the following elements:

  • Controls power to an AC load based on motion detection
  • ZMOTION PIR Technology provides immunity to EMI/RFI and other false trigger sources
  • 120 VAC/240 VAC 60 Hz/50 Hz input/output
  • Switched AC line output for loads up to 5 A (limited by fuse and relay)
  • Adjustable sensitivity, delay, and ambient light gate level
  • Adjustments can be made from front or back side of board
  • Supports six lenses with various patterns and ranges
  • Smart Delay feature for pass-through events
  • Delayed Detection Mode for harsh conditions
  • Small two-layer single-board design, with a 2.7" x 1.7" (6.5cm x 4.3cm) footprint

To download documentation and software, or to learn more, see the ZMOTION AC Load Controller Module page on

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