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ZMOTION Detection Module II Reference Design

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ZMOTION Detection Module II Reference Design
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The ZMOTION Detection Module II (ZDMII) Reference Design demonstrates how to use Zilog’s ZMOTION Occupancy Detection solution in a PIR-based motion detector module. It also shows how to implement additional hardware and software functions such as a serial interface and configuring the detector using potentiometers. ZDM II provides an integrated and flexible solution for Passive Infrared (PIR)-based motion detection applications, and includes Zilog's Z8FS040 MCU combined with a selection of lenses to fit a range of occupancy detection applications. The Z8FS040 MCU ships preprogrammed with motion detection software algorithms that comprise the ZMOTION Engine. These algorithms run in the background while control and status of the Engine is accessed through a software Application Programmer Interface (API). Optimized API settings are provided that match the Engine operation to each of the lens and pyroelectric sensor combinations provided. The key features of this reference design are:
  • Complete board-level motion detection design supporting five lens types
  • Employs a low-cost RE200B dual-element pyroelectric sensor
  • Low-cost modular design
  • Serial and hardware configuration modes
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Standard 8-pin 0.100" header interface

To download documentation and software, or to learn more, see the ZMOTION Detection Module II Reference Design page on

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